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The longshoreman then threw 2 punches at the truck driver before the driver began fighting back. Truck driver fighting for his life after crash Smith' s family is raising money to help pay for his medical care and RLT Trucking is holding raffles to help the family. Forcing trucks to go slower than traffic will cause interactions leading to more crashes. 296, 240 likes · 1, 273 talking about this.

Wouldn' t u call a black guy. Before the start of the video, the motorcyclist claims he was cut off by the truck driver. Don’ t pick a fight with someone bigger than you, especially since. So he clearly wanted the fight and I’ ll give him credit for at least trying. There are plenty of fights, car chases, and action. The driver of one of the trucks and the car driver both escaped from the crash with no serious injuries.

Shocking footage of an intense altercation between a group of bikers and the driver of a pickup truck and his friends has gone viral ( video below). This feature is not available right now. Please share and subscribe for more video. ” After weeks of denial on social media of getting beat up, the NYC guy identified as DJ Freekie London finally admits to his faults. In mid March of, a street fight video between a New Yorker and an Arizona trucker made its rounds on the internet known as, “ Wannabe Gangster Gets Epic Beat Down By Arizona Trucker. In black tries to step in and break up the fight by.

We are all there for the same purpose – to get our job done, and we have. The story starts with a speed trap that catches a truck driver, who protests this rigged justice. The attack was captured on video by a news helicopter, and broadcast live on US national television. The two pull over and a fight breaks out. The driver of the second truck was trapped inside his vehicle and had to be extracted. Chuck Norris outfights dozens of opponents, a preview of his later movies and TV series.

I don’ t agree with what the truck driver did. Major Traffic Backups Reported On Westbound I- 10. Others soon joined in, with one driver bringing his shotgun and another brandishing a knife. Wild Video Of A Road Rage Brawl Between Bikers and Truck Drivers Is A Great Reminder Of Why It’ s Important To Just Keep Driving. Everything about transportation industry and some other great.

Another driver nearby, who wishes to remain anonymous, caught the fight on video. Cheating Honda Civic Driver Tries To Cut The Wrong Guy. After a street fight sent him to prison, he’ s not worried about stereotypes like the ‘ Black Beast’. I mean, you don’ t kick a black man’ s car in Houston.

The safest thing you can put on a truck is a well- trained driver, " said OOIDA President Todd Spencer. Officer opens fire on escaping driver after performing PIT maneuver. Street brawling lorry driver and pedestrian batter each other in the middle of a busy road as road rage fight brings traffic to a standstill. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the ' safe mode' to OFF ( on the top right). Truck driver black guy fight. Everyone knows that. 28 Black Guy Picks A Fight With A White Guy - -. This driver then disappears. 296, 566 likes · 2, 634 talking about this.

Free salt after a salt truck flips over. The Truck Driver Guy, San Francisco, California. So the white guy obviously deserved that.

The attack on Reginald Denny was a racially motivated hate crime in the 1992 Los Angeles riots in which Reginald Denny, a white construction truck driver, was beaten nearly to death by a group of black men who came to be known as the " L. Which means, he had already informed headquarters of the license plate of the truck, and the driver' s CDL. So at the same token they know its not going to work because they have miss out on a lot of things in life because of me being a trucker these people are untrue and make you not a man of your word your kids wife is just hoping for the best for you but it don’ t ever work most truck drivers have tried everything to try to take care of our. His older brother shows up to search for him, and runs into trouble. A speed limiter mandate will not improve highway safety, it will make it worse.

Check out this story on. BY Dan Mihalascu. Transcript for Road Rage Truck Driver Gets ' Instant Karma' America' s - - Some aggressive driving in Florida that' s getting a lot of attention on line - - a woman was recording as a guy in the pickup. Jack Crews ( Patrick Swayze) is a truck driver who has just been released from jail for vehicular manslaughter, for accidentally hitting and killing a motorist and his passenger on the side of the road during a trip in which he experienced a Black Dog hallucination brought on by exhaustion. Brutal knockouts Fight Compilation Best Street. The officer had already written the ticket.

Please try again later. Warning - thread Thug from New York Messes with Arizona Truck Drivers might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. This guy had been identified six ways to Sunday, and then he tries to kill the officer? He got nice position as the first guy came at him: But he was quickly overcome with brute force from the other guy:.

The trapped truck driver was taken to the hospital and is listed in serious condition. An altercation between a group of motorcyclists and pickup truck drivers got out of hand in Oklahoma City. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. MMA Even before his championship fight, MMA heavyweight Derrick Lewis feels like he’ s won. This morning driving to work on rt one in Laurel Md one of your drivers tried using the truck as a weapon, rode my rear with his high beems on, and when I asked him why he told me to pull over and lets fight, WTF, this little road rage fella seems to want his * * * beat, fight over something so stupid, instant rage this guy needs to be fired from truck driving, he would be good in the warehouse. WHITE GUY FIGHTING BLACK GUY OVER GIRL AND WHITE GUY CONFESSES TO BEING TAUGHT TO BE A.

According to Mad World News, video from Oklahoma shows the aftermath of road rage when a fed- up pickup truck driver gets out of his truck to throw punches at a biker. The second driver commented on the incident saying, “ I don’ t think it’ s right.

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