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This is the big news console compatibility! Presenting our Review of the SimXperience AccuForce Pro V2 direct drive wheel. I don' t know if TM' s software department can develop decent drivers for the new direct drive wheel, but I do know that software/ firmware can make a massive difference in terms of feel.

The nice thing is that it increases or decreases the forces, a direct drive motor generates no clipping in the games, the effects are always transmitted without being completely covered by the excessive force generated. Desktop motor mounting solutions and options for direct wheel connection to the shaft are shown further down the page. The wheel is now available for pre- order, selling for 349, 95€ in the EU or 349, 95 Dollars ( plus VAT) in the United States. Kazunori states this wheel will be ‘ Direct Drive’, which means the wheel is directly attached to the steering shaft itself!
Our friends over at GTPlanet have spoken to Kazunori Yamauchi about the appearance of a new Thrustmaster GT branded wheel at last weeks GT Sport event in London. In addition to the hard- mount points, this sim racing steering wheel base comes with a table clamp right out- of- the- box allowing a stable and toolless attachment to your desk or table. 800 sqm ring Boulevard on the German Nürburgring Grand- Prix circuit. Thomas Jackermayer of Simracing Hardware Supplier Fanatec just announced on their blog that the first batch of their pre- selling, upcoming Direct Drive Steering Wheels, coined Fanatec Podium Wheel Base,. If you’ re not handy, a.

Powered by regular mains power - 100 to 240V ( AC) Alternative steering motors for higher or lower torque levels and custom cable lengths are also available. No loss of detail. Find great deals on eBay for direct drive wheels. A direct drive force feedback sim racing wheelbase produces steering wheel force feedback by a directly coupled torque motor without any. 5 metre motor encoder cable 1x 2 metre USB Data Cable Motor Shaft to Steering Wheel Adapter 80/ 20 compatible motor. Good news to hear, if they can.

By “ precise” I mean that on track, I hardly actually think about it. Think about the engine size of your steering wheel, a Direct Drive wheel’ s motor is bigger and weighs more than 10kg. My steering wheel reactions and anticipation seems just correct. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next >. Direct Drive wheels typically use larger motors to compensate for their lack of belts. The wheel base uses a belt system, like its T- series brothers. We' re taking a pit stop! Out of this conversation comes the huge news that the newest offering form. New images snapped last week at the Sim Racing Expo have given us our first proper look at the Fanatec’ s direct drive wheel.

He also mentioned that he “ sees no reason why it should not work on the Xbox One”. If you' re deadly serious about sim racing, like Formula One' s resident gamers Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, a ' direct drive' wheel is essential. Direct- Drive steering wheels have been one of the hottest- topics in sim racing hardware talk in recent months as more and more wheels make this pro- level technology sort of affordable for more ambitious sim. Included are SW7C Control Unit MiGE 80ST- M02430 with 2, 500 ppr encoder 1.

Rather than belt- driven, the rim is essentially. The V2 follows up on the original SimXperience AccuForce Pro, released at the very end of. Direct Drive Wheel built around the MiGE 80ST- M02430 with a 2, 500 ppr / 10, 000 cpr incremental encoder. The Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2 is officially licensed for both Microsoft’ s Xbox One and Windows 10. New Thrustmaster Wheel is Direct Drive Discussion in ' Sim Racing Hardware' started by Blkout, May 29,. The software that drives the hardware is supposedly developed by the Israeli AppReal- VR software development company.

Ricmotech is a small company dedicated to everything sim- racing. First Look At The Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel. Direct drive wheels are something special. Launching as part of the new. Some had hoped the T- GT would use a direct drive system, where there are no gears or belts between the motor and “ steering column”. While he’ s waiting for some of the big players like SimXperience to release their much anticipated Accuforce wheel, Phillip Jansen van Rensburg is leading a DIY ( Do It Yourself) project on how to build your own direct drive / servo motor force feedback wheel for the PC.

An exception is the case of rail transport by which rail tracks combined together with railroad switches ( and also known as ' points' in British English) provide the steering function. Home › Forums › Mods › Steering Wheel Plate Welding Support Upgrade ( Dirrect drive wheel- High Tourque) This topic contains 1 reply, has 2 voices, and was last updated by mlw 4 months, 3 weeks ago. The good news is that keeping your steering wheel clean and germ- free is quite easy. In- Wheel EV Motor From Evans. The CSL Elite for PS4 feels more robust and heavy and the Force Feedback is among the fastest and “ precise” I know. However, when he made a lane change, moving into the left lane, the vehicle’ s steering wheel locked to the left and the driver was unable to straighten the steering wheel, which led to the. The wheel’ s base is powered by the company’ s DD1 direct drive system, which uses a direct drive motor that Fanatec has. Our motorcycles show outstanding traction features providing incredible driving sensations, in order to experience any kind of route, on and off road, as never before. The AccuForce Pro V2 ' Your Way' Steering System Kit is a customizable package that starts from the core of the AccuForcePro V2 Complete, our most advanced and realistic direct drive force feedback system. Breaking News New Thrustmaster Wheel Will Be Direct Drive! Fanatec Direct Drive VS Consoles? There are no gears or belts. This not only drives up your expenses, but also a source of germs to which you are in direct contact. Quality performance racing steering wheels trusted by the pros in NASCAR, Formula Drift, Red Bull Rally Cross, British Touring Championships and more. Thomas from Fanatec said this new Direct Drive wheel will be compatible with PC of course. It is a 4- door sedan that produces 800 HP/ 600 kW ( peak).

I owned a T500RS for quite awhile, and once I made the switch to the OSW, it was night and day. I just drive and it only barely comes to mind. Two days ago, Fanatec CEO, Thomas Jackermeier announced that they would unveil the first product in their new ‘ Podium Series’ product line during the edition of the Sim Racing Expo which takes place this weekend ( 16th and 17th of September) at the 8.

News direct drive steering wheel. Namely, is it or is it not a direct drive wheel? LAU INDUSTRIES DOUBLE INLET BLOWER WHEEL W DIRECT DRIVENEW OPENED BOX See more. Which allows any vehicle ( car, motorcycle, bicycle) to follow the desired course. Steering is the collection of components, linkages, etc. As the steering wheel market starts to move forward into a new standard, Fanatec has been keeping surprisingly quiet on its first DD offering. The Australian company Evans electric has developed an electric car that is literally direct drive. Lastly, the last point I have is that Fanatec have also confirmed a high end direct drive wheel scheduled for release around the launch of GT sport. Thrustmaster is doing away with the usual belts and gears and replacing them with a direct drive motor which will be employed by this new wheelbase. Direct Drive Advantages. Here are some great tips on how you can take care of and maintain your steering wheel. At the moment, there are little or no technical details shared, but it is reported that the wheel puts out 12Nm of torque which is somewhat less than an average Direct Drive wheel but still way more than a normal belt- driven unit. The whole pack of steering wheel and pedals. Continuing the success of its predecessor Simucube 1, Finnish e- sport and professional simulation racing hardware manufacturer, Granite Devices designed the new Simucube 2 direct drive sim racing wheelbase. Remove The Dirt This is as easy as it sounds.
ARMOTIA presents DUE X and DUE R, the first two series electric motorcycles with two- wheel drive and electronic distribution of torque. Fanatec has officially unveiled the Podium Racing Wheel F1, the first- ever direct drive racing wheel that is compatible with the PlayStation 4 console ( it works with PCs, too). 5 metre motor power cable 1.
Also check out our social media outlets! News Feel VR Direct drive Wheel. Shop with confidence. This product is discontinued and is replaced by the SW20 V3 * * * * * Direct Drive Wheel built around the MiGE 130ST- M10010 ( small MiGE) with a 10000 ppr encoder.
The motor controller is housed in a quiet fan- cooled aluminium enclosure and consists of a Granite Devices IONI Pro and SimuCUBE driven by 2x M. Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage compares three popular direct drive steering wheels. Since this wheel won' t have gearing or belts to increase torque at the wheel rim, there is a high possibility that it will not be strong at all. You can change a steering wheel even during the game within a few seconds. However, the “ first generation DD base will NOT work with the Playstation 4”.
In a direct drive system, the steering wheel is directly coupled to the motor shaft. We fabricate parts and accessories in- house in addition to being authorized distributors for other popular sim- racing brands. Discussion in ' Breaking News' started by mariano68, Dec 1,. The upcoming SimXperience AccuForce wheel is an example of a direct drive system. Elaphe in- wheel motors will power HFM’ s revolutionary Motionboard® intelligent vehicle platform, a highly adaptable autonomous electric vehicle platform and the only one with a permit to operate on public roads.

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