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Apps for Truck Drivers. It’ s the principle reason for the ELD mandate, which requires commercial drivers keeping a Record of Duty Status to switch from paper logs to an electronic logging device by December. Especially when it comes to Recapping your hours of service to determine the hours you have available to run a load. The best smartphone apps for truck drivers ranging from weight loss, to trip planning, to recreation. Drivers are required to complete a daily signed logbook and a trip inspection report containing day to day activities including hours of sleep, driving, on duty, off- duty, total mils/ kms driving, date, truck or tractor and trailer number, carrier name, and co- driver name if there is a one. If text message alerts tempt you to look at your phone for even a second, get rid of temptation with this app.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular trucker apps. Recap and Clock Articles. Hours of service violations are the number one cited violation during roadside inspections. FleetSafer Mobile. In some cases, these apps can also save you money. Can' t find your answer?
” The app has 4. With the DAT OnTime app, you can communicate the status of a shipment easier than ever - no need for check calls. 5 ( or as defined in state regulations governing intrastate commerce). At the end of the week, truckers are required to recap, or summarize, these logbooks before turning them into their. You can share the location of your truck just by turning on the app in your phone.

Fill out the Log Recap Form for the period April 2 - April 7 using the information which follows. This app is built to work with CAT Scales to save drivers time at the weigh stations. The app accesses your location, you fill in your truck and trailer info and pay straight from the app. Unable to bypass a station?

Each state has their individual regulations on how many hours a commercial truck driver can drive per day. A driver is anyone who gets behind the wheel of a " commercial motor vehicle" as defined in 49 CFR § 390. The effective date of the Final Rule was February 27,, and the compliance date of remaining provisions was July 1,. While there is not a single app with all the answers, there are several very useful trucking apps for iPhone and Android users.

Additionally, the truck stops app has been available since July. The 14- hour duty period may not be extended with off- duty time for meal and fuel stops, etc. Of service recap sheet # hos calculator # recap hours for truck drivers #. Get your hours back from 8 days ago at the stroke of midnight. Credit – Actual apps description. This is a great app for rookie drivers or anyone who is tired of using a calculator every evening to figure his or her hours.

Drivers using a sleeper berth must take at least 8 hours in the sleeper berth, and may split the sleeper berth time into two periods provided neither is less than 2 hours. Truck drivers keep track of the hours that they drive, the miles that they drive and the hours off duty. In particular, the 8 or 7 consecutive day running clock is reset at the beginning of any 24 or more successive Off Duty hours. Get the DashLink ELD, together with BigRoad Freight.

Avoiding these violations is easy if you know the HOS rules. The driver records his/ her hours on a time sheet which shows at least start time, end time, and total hours each day. Log books also keep count of the mileage. BigRoad is the # 1 electronic logging device and electronic logbook for owner- operators, drivers, and fleets on iPad and iPhone! In other words, drivers have a limited number of hours they can be ON- Duty per cycle ( week). The KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook App lets you record your Hours of Service on your smartphone or tablet - - a FREE electronic log.

The 60/ 70- Hour limit governs how many hours a truck driver can work in a week. Solo Truck Drivers Trip Planning App here:. The Hours of Service App and Recap Calculator for Team Truck Drivers allow the truck driving team to recap their individual hours of service and calculate the hours of service recap for the team overall. There are plenty of mobile apps for truck drivers that will help simplify your daily routine and assist in time management and structured logs. Use the KeepTruckin' s Recap & Clock feature Multi HOS Clocks. Weigh your truck and pay for your weight using your smartphone at the scale.

KeepTruckin is the highest rated Electronic Logbook App and ELD system, used by over 500, 000 drivers and 40, 000 companies! Now available in Pay- As- You- Drive program. The drivers must have had a full 10 hour break ( 8 hours for passenger vehicle drivers) between each 12 hour shift. You showed 7 days of hours, you need to show the 8th day to figure out what you' re going to recap. It was the very first app to list information about truck stops.

Provides an exception to the Hours of Service Rules. Easily track your hours- of- service and create ELD mandate compliant logs with our DashLink ELD. Recap hours for truck drivers app.

No need to leave your truck. Throw up another 8 or 9 hour day on your example and see how your math is wrong. Drivers can take advantage of the rule by taking at least 34 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, off- duty, or a combination of both. Office Use Only If this log covers multiple off- duty days, Enter here the number of days covered starting with the date shown above. Log books are used by commercial truck drivers.

Only the use of an eight- hour or more sleeper berth break can stop the 14- hour clock. Truckers Hours of Service Recap Calculator ( US EU, Australia and Canada). These books are used to keep track of how many hours a trucker has driven over the course of a day, the time spent sleeping, and the time pursuing company business other than driving. Recap hours for truck drivers app. One reviewer wrote, “ This is an awesome trucker app, saves time and gives you accurate time recap.

Sleeper Berth Provision Drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus a separate 2 consecutive hours either in. Log Recap Exercises Example 1: 8 Days/ 70 Hours Instructions In the sample Log Recap Form shown below, the on- duty information is shown for the last 7 days of March and the first day of April. 75 hours per day over 8 days to stay below 70 hours. 7 stars, and many happy users. “ Takes the pencil and calculator out of figuring your Daily Recap. Truck Stops was created, developed, and programmed by a professional truck driver.

The 34- hour restart rule has gone through a few changes. KeepTruckin is fully compliant with FMCSA and. Hours of Service App and Recap Calculator ( Solo) This Stand Alone Hours of Service App is a HOS Recap Calculator for Solo Truck and Bus Drivers which does not require internet while allowing the.

The app also has a digital copy of overdrive built into the usability so drivers can keep up with the latest news. From finding the best truck stops to weigh station statuses, parking availability and fuel price comparisons, the app is a robust solution for drivers. Through the GPS, brokers and shippers can see where a load is and when to expect the delivery. The " Hours of Service App and Recap Calculator for solo truck and bus drivers" can be one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. Hours of Service Final Rule for Truck Drivers. Shippers and brokers will only see what you want them to.
With a critical mass of capacity, and proven, easy- to- use tools, brokers and carriers can dramatically compress the process of finding and matching optimal loads and trucks. Trucker Path is the most popular app for drivers. You have 70 hours to use in 8 days, not 7 days like your example. Apps for Truckers – Best Apps for Truck Drivers Trucking life can be fun and exciting, but even seasoned drivers can use apps to make life on the road easier. Named the # 1 ele. | Truckster - Truck Stops, Allstays Truck Stops & Travel Plazas, BigRoad: Free Trucker Log App,. Learn how to use this feature by reading the steps below:. This Stand Alone Hours of Service App is a HOS Recap Calculator for Solo Truck and Bus Drivers which does not require internet while allowing the solo truck driver to recap their hours of service taking into consideration their last hours of service reset.

Texting and driving is a bad habit that can have deadly consequences. Do mechanics and other " occasional" drivers fall under the hours- of- service rules? The driver must be within all of the 395.

Like the Hours of Service App and Recap Calculator for solo truck and bus drivers, the Hours of Service App and Recap Calculator for team drivers does not require internet and can be used in areas of little to no internet to calculate your teams available hours of service for a load. In some circumstances, this will enable drivers to get back on the road quickly. The key trucker tools are the hours of service calculator, ETA calculator, and the cost per mile calculator which helps solo truck drivers to quickly see if they have the hours of service, if the load is profitable, and if they can pick- up and deliver on time. Drivers may drive up to 11 hours instead of 10 hours, but are limited to 14 hours in a duty period.

BigRoad is the # 1 choice for electronic logging device mandate compliance! With KeepTruckin’ s Clock and Recap feature, drivers always know how much time they have remaining in their shift and cycle. This limit is based on a rolling 7- day or 8- day period. Recap for truckers free download - Recap, Recap for Chrome, Cardinal Recap, and many more programs. The 34- hour restart rule: Changes and updates.

Drivers cannot drive after they have reached 60/ 70 hours of ON- Duty time in 7/ 8 consecutive days. Compliant with current FMCSA and DOT rules and regulations. Wether you like it or not, all you can average is 8. With this Hours of Service App, team drivers can quickly see the hours they have remaining for a load with pinpoint accuracy. Drivers can also take advantage of the Trucker Path load board, where they can find available loads. Yes, every driver of a commercial motor vehicle must comply with the hours- of- service rules.
The Hours of Service of Drivers Final Rule was published in the Federal Register on December 27,. DOWNLOAD THE BEST TRUCKER APP FOR PLANNING AND YOU CAN KEEP TRUCKING WITHOUT STRESS! Install the FREE MacroPoint App, so you and your dispatcher can communicate.

1( d) Apply this rule for drivers involved with Oil Field Operations. Trucker Path – “ America’ s most popular app for truckers.

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